Design Your Own Course

Visually Using The Course Creative Canvas | taught by Russell Jones

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Russell Jones
Russell Jones
Instructional Designer & Founder of Eacher(.com)

About the instructor

You’re passionate about what you do and already somewhat of an expert in your field.
You also would like to teach other people and pass on some of your knowledge and know-how.
Ever considered sharing your expertise in a course?

Creating your own course can benefit you privately, professionally and your business in many ways.
Interested? Yet, how would you get started?

To answer to that, let’s look at The Course Creative Canvas, a step by step, easy to follow course design tool.

It will guide you from deciding about your topic, understanding your learner and the market, telling your story and designing the instruction.


  • working proficiency in English
  • have a topic in mind for your course

Course Contents

9 Videos
5 Quizzes
1 Text
14 PDFs